More innovation. 
With market-leading solutions for more hygiene and safety in food processing.

Innovation rooted in tradition for comprehensive hygiene and safety. 

The TIEMANN Schutz-Systeme GmbH is a producer and supplier of safety and partition fencing systems for the machinery and plant engineering industry. For more than 30 years, we have occupied top positions in the business sectors robot industry, stock logistics as well as the food industry with the highest competence and extensive know how. This refers to all sectors in protection, safety and hygiene. The development of different protective fencing systems for various applications as well as the flexible modular design in frameless construction define the unique selling point and the competitive edge of our own brand HYGIENEFENCE®. Our protective and partition fencing of pure stainless steel, therefore, forms the best foundation for technologically mature solutions.

For the protection and safety of the staff members in the production processes.

The innovative and forward-looking HYGIENEFENCE® system complies with the highest requirements of legal safety and quality regulations on all levels of food processing. Thus, HYGIENEFENCE® sets safe standards for tomorrow. Our guiding principle consists of comprehensively protecting people who work in the automated food production and making work with machines absolutely safe.


The ultimate system for the highest standards of hygiene

leading in pure safety  protection · german made