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In 1960, Fritz Heidsiek established a company for the sale and installation of wire and steel mesh fencing.

1975: Mr. Heidsiek handed the operation of the business over to his son-in-law Werner Tiemann. By this time, the company TIEMANN was already engaged in a range of large-scale industrial and municipal projects throughout Germany. The focus in these projects was mainly on security and perimeter fencing and on the sale of access control systems.

As early as 1994, Werner Tiemann's two sons Axel W. and Frank Tiemann, the 3rd generation, took control of the family company. From this point on, the safety and security technology segment of the business was successfully expanded.

Our company has been manufacturing and selling innovative products ever since, in accordance with the principle enshrined in our mission statement: “…we protect people”

As one of the leading companies in the development of protective equipment for machinery and barrier mesh systems, we face new challenges every day, true to principle in our guiding vision:

"We want the market to continue to benefit from our innovative products beyond the borders of Europe, in accordance with the principle that the customer is at all times the focus of our actions, because being grounded leads to a sense of reality."


1st February 1975

  Legal form:

Limited-liability company according to   German  law
HRB 7178




  Schutz-Systeme GmbH
  Lübbecker Str. 16
  32257 Bünde


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  info (at) hygienefence.com


  Line of business:

  Manufacture and sale of protective systems for  manufacturing and warehouse facilities.


  Axel W. Tiemann

  Frank Tiemann



  Int. VAT ID no:

  DE 16 15 62 797



Managing Directors

Axel W. Tiemann

Tel.: +49 (5223) 79 19 95-0  
Fax: +49 (5223) 79 19 95-90
axel.tiemann (at) hygienefence.com

Frank Tiemann

Tel.: +49 (5223) 79 19 95-0 
Fax: +49 (5223) 79 19 95-90
frank.tiemann (at) hygienefence.com